Our dog never sits still


I hear that so often when people see me out and about with my camera. And that won’t stop me, challenge will be taken.
Having 3 dogs, that love to run,. jump, and never sit still, I think I have enough practice to take photos of any dog.
I know my way around dogs, I will never force a dog in certain positions, that is not how I work.
I observe the dog first, see what the dog is like. And hopefully I get a chance to play together with the dog to get some fun photos. I am equipped to take posing shots, action shots, and even swimming shots.


Do not hesitate to send me an email with some inquiries. I will love to take your dog’s photo(s).
What you will get is a great memory of what your dog is like.
I will give you an A4 calendar with the photos taken.
No watermark, best quality, for you to use how ever you like.



If you would like a composition of more photos,.. or a design for some post cards, I can help you too.

I am based in Great Yarmouth, but if you live outside Norfolk, do not hesitate to get in contact and perhaps travel arrangements can be made